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You Didn't Really Win: How to Use Customer Journey Mapping to Supercharge Win/Loss Analysis

If they perform win/loss analysis at all, most sales and marketing organizations focus only on the "losses" because...well, of course, "we know why we win." But do you? Do you really? The trouble is deeper than simply failing to explore the root causes of both winning and losing. The true missed opportunity comes from focusing on the "win" or "loss" as a single, discrete event. Yes, that event matters (a lot!) to your organization, but from the customer's perspective, that's only one step on their journey – and probably not the most important one. By conducting win/loss analysis in the context of the full customer journey, you can discover key moments of truth, many of which occurred well before you knew there was an "opportunity" at all.

Learning Objectives:
• Why focusing on "wins" is just as important (and perhaps more important) than "losses."
• Understand what your customer's journey really looks like. (Hint: It's not a funnel.)
• How to use insights from the customer journey to enhance the effectiveness of win/loss analysis (and vice versa).
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Aug 31, 2022 11:00 AM
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Ellen Naylor
CEO of Business Intelligence Source
Ellen Naylor, CEO of Business Intelligence Source, is one of America’s pioneers in competitive intelligence (CI) and Win/Loss analysis. She initiated Verizon’s enterprise CI program in 1985, and founded Business Intelligence Source in 1993. The company's research and insight have consistently helped customers beat their competition and make smarter strategic decisions. Ellen’s elicitation training has helped many students improve their collection skills. Ellen won the Catalyst and Fellows awards from the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), and served on its Board. Her award winning book, Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want was published in 2016. To learn more and get in touch with Ellen, visit: https://ellennaylor.com.
Jason Voiovich
Co-Founder, Agent Zero: Mission UX
"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." - Steve Jobs. Jason Voiovich co-founded Agent Zero to take Steve Jobs' words to heart. We help our clients surprise and delight their customers during every interaction through ethnography, behavioral analysis, customer journey mapping, use case development, wireframing, and testing. Jason is also the author of "Marketer in Chief: How Each President Sold the American Idea," and the upcoming history of the Roaring 20s – "Booze, Babe, and the Little Black Dress: How Innovators of the 1920s Created the Consumer Revolution." To learn more and get in touch with Jason, visit: https://agentzeroux.com.